Q Clothier & Rye 51 Expand to Little Rock
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Q Clothier & Rye 51 Expand to Little Rock

November 7, 2018 By PAC Blogger






While much of the clothing and retail industry has been hit hard as consumers continue to push their dollars toward online sales, Q FIFTY ONE, parent company of Q Clothier and its casual cousin Rye 51, have defied such gravitational pulls, achieving unprecedented brick-and-mortar retail success in an ever-growing digital market. As the menswear retailer continues to double down on its modern brand of classic style with locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, and Houston, Rye 51 and Q Clothier have just made the jump into Little Rock with a new shop at the Promenade.

Ranging from denim, outerwear, and Peruvian cotton t-shirts at Rye 51, to truly custom suiting and shirting made from some of the world’s most storied fabric mills at Q, each run the gamut of men’s sartorial offerings with endless options for customization. Q Clothier and Rye 51 have each mastered the production of fine men’s clothing with a model of top-down synergy that passes the cost savings to the consumer.

Visiting factories several times a year and designing his eponymous Rye 51 line in concert with fabric and design professionals, founder/president Raja Ratan also maintains close relationships with other select brands carried in-store — including J Brand, Gimo’s, and LBM — along with men’s grooming products courtesy of Billy Jealousy, resulting in a collective synergy of brand values and aesthetics which enhance the customer experience.

A Dallas native, Ratan learned the ropes of the garment business at an early age from his dad – also an entrepreneur in the custom tailoring industry — which no doubt played a role in his idea for a vertically-integrated retail concept that could not only withstand, but thrive in a world of digital growth and declining brick-and-mortar sales. Aside from great products at affordable prices under one umbrella, Ratan says, “The number one thing that keeps customers coming back and helps us to grow is expertise. Our teams are built on seasoned veterans in the business, and that really sets us apart.”                                                                                                          

“Little Rock was a logical next step for expansion as we already have a presence in Little Rock,” says Ratan, who strongly believes that the concept would fill a void in the neighborhood for a men’s clothing and dry goods store with an attitude to match: cool and edgy, yet refined, styled, and effortless. Local tastemaker and industry veteran, Paul Rainwater, is the General Manager of the shop and has been selling Q Clothier custom garments in Little Rock for more than 5 years.

The location presents full-service ready-to-wear and custom offerings of its Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Scabal, and Marzoni fabrics on the Q side, and everyday wear like t-shirts, chinos, bombers and button-downs on the Rye side.

As the retail industry continues its rapid digital ascension — relying on online sales to maintain margins and broaden appeal — the decline of brick-and-mortar stores has not affected Q Clothier or Rye 51 precisely because their bread and butter is one part custom and one part service. “Approximately 98% of sales are still done in person, and I’m not regretful,” says Ratan. “Our focus is service and making sure our clients have a really unique experience. It’s tough to do that online. We are the kind of company that prefers to drive to a customer and help them at their home or office if they don’t have time to come in. We do this on a daily basis.”

As such, the future remains bright for Q Clothier and Rye 51. Despite the winds of change, more stores are in the works. Entirely self-funded and with no outside private equity investments, Q Clothier and Rye 51 do not feel the pressure to rapidly expand. When asked about the next logical expansion location, Ratan sees the West Coast as the most promising. Until then, Q Clothier and Rye 51 will continue to distill its unique brand of style and substance served up in affordable, fashionable, and timeless batches.



Q Clothier and Rye 51 are the purveyors of fine men’s clothing and dry goods for the modern man. Founded in 2003, Q Clothier has led the way for men’s bespoke clothing in the United States. Q Clothier’s casual ready-to-wear offshoot — Rye 51 — brings together small-batched ready-to-wear clothing milled in the highest quality factories, giving men a stylish, fashionable, and affordable aesthetic. As vertically-integrated brands, Q Clothier and Rye 51 provide the discerning man sartorial options that maintain and enhance both comfort and masculinity. Available in their own branded boutiques in Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia, Q Clothier and Rye 51 are also available online to men nationwide. Their newest store is located at Houston’s Heights Mercantile at 642 Yale Street, Suite B, Houston, TX 77007. For more information, please visit www.qclothier.com or www.rye51.com.


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