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5 Summer Road Trip Games for Families

June 12, 2018 By McLarty Auto

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Staring into the headlights of a long car ride with kids? These free printable travel games will help keep everyone busy, having fun, and hopefully a few “are we there YET’s” at bay. Check out five of our favorite games to play during family summer vacation travel season.

1) 20 Questions. This game is great of young kids simply because the rules are easy-peasy. Player #1 thinks of a person, place or thing. All other travelers take turns asking questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. After each answer, the questioner gets one guess. Play continues until a player guesses correctly.

2) Car Trace. Similar to the game Hangman but you’re tracing out a car instead of drawing a stick man. For generations school-age kids have loved the original, old school version of “Wheel of Fortune.” The first player thinks of a person, place, movie or book title—could be anything. Though instead of writing out the description, leave an underscore for each letter in each word. The second player then guesses one letter at a time. If the mystery saying contains the letter, it is written in the correct place. If not, the first player traces out a piece of the car. When enough incorrect letters have been guessed, the car outline is complete and the second player loses. If the guesser solves the puzzle before the car outline is complete, he WINS. Print our free Car Trace game template. Game on!

3) Road Trip Bingo. This game combines bingo with a scavenger hunt. Give each traveler a flat surface, such as a clipboard or hardcover book, to put on his or her lap. Each player gets a free printable bingo card and a zip-lock bag with 16 pennies. When a player spies an item on the card, he/she covers the image with a penny. Similar to regular bingo, the first player to cover all the squares in a straight line (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) wins.

4) Spot the Car. For families with slightly older tween/teen travelers, this scavenger hunt is a great alternate to the license plate game. Rather than look for different states, you’re going to try and find different car models. Use our Spot the Car Checklist to hold a fun car scavenger hunt with your family travelers.

5) Tic Tac Toe. For a smaller caravan of travelers this game requires only two players and a pencil to play. Player #1 places an X on the grid, Player #2 plots an O. Continue taking turns until one player has three across. Grab this free printable loaded with multiple grids from Trip Savvy, hand to the kids, and let them do the rest.


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